LXE to Unveil Forklift-mounted RFID Reader

Mobile computing solutions provider said reader removes operator from the data collection business, eliminates redundant quality control processes

Atlanta — September 1, 2005 — LXE Inc., a developer of rugged mobile computing solutions, is unveiling its RX1 rugged mobile forklift-mounted radio frequency identification (RFID) reader at EPCglobal U.S. Conference in Atlanta, September 13-14.

LXE said the RX1 is the result of a collaboration that includes Sirit Technologies and its RFID reader module components,and Intel and its IXP4XX line of network processors. The objective of the collaboration was to design and build a forklift-mounted RFID reader tough enough to survive the shocks and jolts of the forklift, yet versatile enough to RFID-enable processes deep within the warehouse, such as picks, put-aways and other material moves.

LXE said the RX1 combines its intelligent RX1 reader with application-specific antennae, synchronized with forklift operations to ensure that the unit reads the right items at the right time. Initially, the RX1 will read and verify case, pallet and location tags for warehouse moves. With an expanding set of future antennae, the RX1 will be able to verify that the correct cases in the correct quantities are being placed on the right pallet during case pick operations.

"The device virtually removes the operator from the data collection business and eliminates the need for expensive and often redundant quality control processes," said Dick Sorenson, LXE's RFID director. "The operator is able to focus on moving product, increasing both the speed and accuracy of the move."

The RX1 has been designed to work with almost any forklift, including forklifts without load rests.

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