IBM, Maersk Logistics Partner on Real-Time Cargo Monitoring

Joint offering combines wireless devices, integrated network to provide container tracking, increased security

  • Intelligent real-time tracking devices, called Tamper-Resistant Embedded Controllers (TREC), which are fitted to cargo containers and designed to withstand the environment in which they operate. Unlike typical passive tags that collect data only, the wireless TREC devices incorporate significant processing power, enabling them to instantly receive and send data. The devices automatically collect information on each container, including physical location, based on GPS, parameters such as temperature and humidity and sensory readings to detect intrusion.

  • An integrated network that combines data from the TREC devices with a non-proprietary sensor network and business integration system. According to the two companies, this network eliminates manual processes and enables accredited supply chain participants access to relevant data. The information gathered can be connected to decentralized databases where each participant owns its own content and a service oriented infrastructure that allows users to instantly share information.

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