Bristol-Myers Squibb Tackles Channel Commerce Management

Pharma giant to deploy Edge Dynamics solution to gain channel control and visibility, streamline regulatory compliance; enabler launches 3.0 version

  • A channel commerce management analytics platform with more than 100 pre-built configurable reports and robust capability for ad hoc and trend analysis to anticipate evolving channel commerce dynamics.

  • A plug-and-play SAP connector with pre-built integration scenarios for such specific channel commerce processes as order management. This SAP-certified connector enables bi-directional data synchronization with contextual data for enhanced analysis.

  • Updated continuous scorecarding to help manufacturers more effectively manage various forms of channel agreements, including inventory management agreements (IMA) and fee-for-service agreements. This functionality includes more than 50 new scorecarding metrics for performance and compensation.

  • Transaction dispositioning to improve decision-making. Key enhancements in this area include a consolidated view for order review and adjustments, pre-built macros for automating repetitive tasks and an audit trail to capture the full history of channel decisions.

  • Performance increases of more than 300 percent to ensure that downstream channel data along with other information sources such as IMS and NDC market data, RFID or point-of-sale data can be included in transaction evaluation.

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