CSK Auto Fires on all Cylinders with Hand Held Products

Auto parts chain continues transition to image-based data collection to improve productivity and customer service

Skaneateles Falls, NY — October 7, 2005 — Automotive retail chain CSK Auto has completed its implementation of imagers from Hand Held Products across more than 1,100 stores for time, attendance and signature capture applications.

CSK, along with Direct Source, a Minnesota-based partner of Hand Held Products, developed a browser application to capture images of employee time sheets and other documents that are then electronically transmitted to CSK's home office.

The solution captures images using 1,200 Hand Held Products' IT4600 imagers, which use Adaptus Imaging Technology. The imagers have been deployed across 1,147 stores.

Prior to implementing this application, documents were signed and mailed to the corporate office and stored in a warehouse. In order to resolve pay disputes, these documents had to be retrieved manually, making locating and validating missing documents an arduous and expensive task.

"The latest successful implementation underscores CSK Auto's confidence in solutions from Hand Held Products," said George Duckworth, director of store support for CSK Auto. "We've already realized extensive operational efficiencies from deploying their handheld imagers and mobile computers throughout our enterprise. Our latest requirement for a solution that could not only read bar codes but also capture digital images made Hand Held Products the logical partner for us once again."

In addition to recently implementing the IT4600, CSK Auto uses image-based data collection technology from Hand Held Products in other areas of its business, including the Dolphin 7200 Mobile Computer, with 1,400 units used for commercial delivery, signatures and proof-of-delivery. Imaged signatures for proof of delivery are now available to customers the next day using a Web application.

CSK Auto uses the IT5620 Cordless Linear Imager at the point-of-sale at Pay N Save stores, where many items are too large or heavy to be lifted onto the checkout stand, and the IT3800 POS Scanner, which replaced legacy scanners that are not Sunrise 2005 compliant.

"CSK Auto is illustrative of how Hand Held Products solutions and our Adaptus Imaging Technology fit into many applications within the retail enterprise, enabling smarter operations," said Tim Votaw, senior vice president for Americas sales at Hand Held Products. "Moving forward, we'll continue to work with CSK Auto to streamline processes which will help in improving customer service, reducing costs and increasing margins."

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