Software Targets Links Between Engineering, Business System

Deacom touts integrated ERP system as a first for the building component manufacturing industry

Wayne, PA — October 13, 2005 — Software provider Deacom announced this week that it has integrated engineering software into its accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

The new feature, according to the company, is designed for building component manufacturers to control multiple engineering systems, including roof, wall, floor and other design systems, directly from DEACOM manufacturing software.

The manufacturing software becomes the point of main control for all aspects of a job with the new function, the company said. DEACOM creates the directory structures and launches multiple design systems directly from a quote or sales order. Scheduling of design, fabrication and delivery of multiple product lines can all be controlled from a single system. Through the design link, DEACOM's job costing and accounting operations are closely tied to the engineering process.

Current users of the DEACOM solution, like Building Components of Idaho, said they especially like the efficiency of the utility. Before we operated under the DEACOM system, we had a number of systems for each department, none of which were linked to one another. DEACOM allows us to have a single point of control so that our operations are much more streamlined, particularly when we are involved with building the entire structure, says Corey Elitharpe, president, Building Components of Idaho.

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