Reva Systems Unveils RFID Tag Acquisition Processor

Network-intelligent device designed for plug-and-play facility-based radio frequency identification rollouts

Extending the Enterprise Network

Addressing Deployment Challenges

  • Reader management: As RFID deployments grow, it becomes increasingly important to manage readers at a system level, coordinating read schedules, avoiding interference and optimizing the use of RF spectrum across an entire facility. The Reva TAP supports current and Gen2 readers and improves whole-facility tag-read performance, optimizes throughput and allows RFID systems to scale, the solution provider said.

  • Location management: While early pilots assumed each reader represented a specific location or role, production RFID deployments require administrators to divide facilities into virtual locations that support diverse application demands. Reva said that the TAP delivers location virtualization capabilities so that applications see only refined, high-quality tag observation events linked to locations they understand.

  • Data management: As RFID is more broadly deployed within organizations, requirements emerge for a high-quality RFID data service. According to Reva, the TAP delivers the necessary infrastructure to ensure organizations can leverage their RFID data across a range of applications, business components and enterprise IT investments. The TAP supports standard and application-specific interfaces for RFID data access, including ALE, JMS, SQL and SAP-AII.

  • Operations management: To be successful in production rollouts, the RFID infrastructure must be a reliable, manageable system consistent with the existing enterprise network infrastructure and skill sets. Reva said that the TAP offers real-time 7x24 failover redundancy. The Reva Management Console allows organizations to remotely manage and monitor RFID-enabled facilities, offering a drag-and-drop GUI and capabilities for configuring data services and reader layout, as well as analysis of RF coverage and monitoring.

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