Senior Management Looking More Closely at Enterprise-wide Analytics

C-level focus is now on demand-driven metrics as compliance, investors and global pressures weigh, says Silvon president

Key Drivers

  • Sarbanes-Oxley compliance — "The requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley are forcing publicly traded companies to be able to verify and validate their data," Hennel said. "Our customers are already using analytics such as Silvon's Stratum Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) suite to improve their performance in customer profitability, better demand forecasting and visibility, and revenue growth. Now C-level executives are finding that tools like Stratum give them better visibility into the data that sits in their transaction systems and enables them to figure out pretty easily if there are any anomalies of what is going on in their business."

  • Investor demands — "Senior management can get beaten up by the investment banks about how they are running the business," Hennel said. "The traditional tools of income statements and balance sheets are no longer good enough. In the old days, much of the discussion on the quarterly earnings calls just focused on financial performance. Now CEOs are getting more and more questions on these calls about what they are going to do to drive operations."

  • Global consistency — "Our customers are now focused on how to get more global consistency and visibility into what is happening within their organizations and managing the data the same way across the board," Hennel said. "For instance, they may be doing well in one region or one product line, but not in another. They are looking to analytics to help them find out the causes for these variabilities in performance beforehand, instead of after the fact, so their business can be hitting on all cylinders. This helps them to ensure that they are managing the data the same way across the enterprise."

  • Dashboards — "Companies using scorecards and portals to get dashboards of their key indicators are changing the whole mindset of how to drive the business operationally," Hennel said. "It gets everyone in the company aligned so they know the key metrics they need to be focused on to help improve performance."
Getting Customer-centric

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