Gap Seen in Corporate America's Preparedness for Uninterrupted Access to Critical Data

Importance of business-critical information access not matched by corporate IT investment strategies, SunGard survey finds

Unplanned Disruptions Continue Increasing

  • Eighty percent of executives said it was more important to their organization to have an information infrastructure that is always available rather than being able to recover from a business disruption.

  • Eighty-eight percent of executives said having information always available is a growing concern for their company's senior management.

  • The majority of executives surveyed said their company is taking proactive steps to ensure employees and corporate information are connected, with the top options being establishing a primary site with redundancy built in and setting up a secondary offsite facility that exactly mirrors the primary site. Also of note, 27 percent of executives said their companies outsource business continuity services to a third-party provider.

  • Seventy-three percent of executives expressed concern with the costs associated with maintaining a secondary data center and the required dual redundancy necessary to maintain the center.

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