Hand Held Products Integrates New Technology into Handheld Imager

Provider said new platform expected to make device easier to use in real-world applications

Skaneateles Falls, NY — October 24, 2005 — Hand Held Products Inc., a provider of image-based linear and 2D data collection solutions, said it has integrated its Adaptus Imaging Technology 5.0 into its IT4600 product line.

Adding to the data collection and image capture performance of the existing IT4600, Hand Held Products said enhancements include increased depth-of-field for greater reading range on linear and 2D bar codes, increased motion tolerance, improved low-light reading, faster read rate, and increased image resolution.

End users are demanding enhanced functionality and solutions to make operations more efficient. The ability to read any linear or 2D bar code today, as well as capture digital images, all with one device is a valuable proposition, commented Lee Ann Capogrossi, senior product manager, for Hand Held Products. By integrating Adaptus Imaging 5.0 into the IT4600, we're providing users with a device that is not only versatile, but easy to use as well.

With no moving parts and durability, Hand Held Products said the IT4600 is ideal for data collection applications found in retail, healthcare, government, logistics and postal.

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