SEEBURGER Upgrades EDI Adapter for SAP XI

Provides electronic data interchange functions embedded in SAP NetWeaver

  • Message tracking tools enabling business and/or IT users to instantly determine whether purchase orders, invoices and other trading documents have been sent or delivered to external business partners. Users can search by different criteria, including a specific message as well as groups of messages (e.g. all shipment notices that left the company between 8 and 10 am). Results are viewable from a portal framework built into the adapter.

  • An expanded library of default messages that can help reduce implementation time and expense by allowing more EDI processes to be set up without creating messages and their corresponding syntax definitions from scratch. The new version provides a six-fold increase in the number of general and industry-specific ANSI, EDIFACT, ODETTE and VDA messages supplied with the adapter.

  • Message archiving support allowing users to maintain a complete audit trail to meet international tax regulations and other information or compliance requirements. Messages transmitted through the SEEBURGER adapter can now be forwarded to any third-party archiving system through a file share. Each document is indexed for retrieval through the search function of the organization's archiving system.

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