Hagemeyer North America to Profit Optimize U.S. Supply Chain

Turns to GAINSystems for solutions enable high service levels but with greater efficiency, less inventory

Oak Brook, IL — November 23, 2005 — After conducting a national search, Hagemeyer North America said it has selected GAINSystems, a provider of supply chain optimization for more than 30 years, to profit optimize the company's U.S. supply chain.

Hagemeyer North America is a leading value-added B2B distributor of products and services with hundreds of locations across Canada, Mexico and the United States.

Hagemeyer said it chose GAINSystems' automated solution GAINS because of its ability to handle millions of items, low volume sporadic demand and scalability. We are looking to GAINS to help us maintain our already high service levels but with greater efficiency and less inventory. GAINS will also enable us to reduce our workload in planning, purchasing, and warehousing operations, remarked Bruce Lodge, Hagemeyer's U.S. director of Inventory Management.

Hagemeyer, already a leader in the distribution industry, recognized additional areas for improvement in supply chain optimization, including inventory sharing and cross docking. GAINSystems' business expertise in the distribution industry along with the GAINS solution will help them reach the level of excellence for which they are striving, said Bob Evans, president of GAINSystems.

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