Strauss-Elite to Establish SAP-Based ERP System

Newly-merged Israeli food manufacturer expects project to replace existing separate SAP systems to streamline supply chain, sales, procurement and collection processes

Hackensack, NJ — November 23, 2005 — Ness Technologies Inc., a global provider of IT solutions and services, today announced that it has been awarded a contract by Strauss-Elite, one of Israel's largest food manufacturers, to establish a SAP-based enterprise-wide enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

The project is estimated to be worth a total of approximately $5 million over two years.

Strauss-Elite was formed in 2004 through the merger of Elite Industries and Strauss Dairies. The new SAP-based unified system will replace the existing separate SAP ERP systems. The new system will serve approximately 1,500 people.

Deloitte's consulting services will serve as a subcontractor to Ness Technologies and will provide the necessary knowledge, based on Deloitte's experience in merging IT systems and processes in the food industry.

The new IT system, which will be jointly implemented by Strauss-Elite and Ness Technologies, will be based on mySAP Business Suite, which provide functionality, integration, industry-specific capabilities, scalability and collaboration over the Internet. The project includes the implementation and integration of the system.

"The new project represents an important milestone in the merger of Strauss and Elite, which began in March 2004, reflecting our vision to create one company with unified processes," said Giora Bar-Dea, CEO of Strauss-Elite. "The new project is a further step in our outstanding cooperation and value-added partnership with Ness Technologies, which has proved to be a top-level IT solutions and services provider."

Raviv Zoller, president and CEO of Ness Technologies, commented that Strauss and Elite were among the pioneers in the implementation of SAP Solutions in Israel. "The new SAP-based system will enable the merged company to use the same tools and speak the same language, he said. In addition, it will streamline supply chain, sales, procurement and collection processes, as well as customer support."

Elite and Strauss implemented an enterprise-wide SAP ERP system in Strauss in 1998. In 2004 the two companies merged into one large enterprise and decided to consolidate their information systems and to implement mySAP Business Suite, which will encompass the entire business and operational processes at Strauss-Elite.

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