U.S. Multinationals Looking to Technology for Improvements in Future Sarbanes 404 Efforts, Survey Finds

Satisfaction with use of technology to support compliance efforts seen low in PricewaterhouseCoopers study

"Lots of Room for Improvement"

  • 52 percent of executives who said initial 404 compliance is perceived as a success throughout their company;

  • 33 percent who said 404 compliance is seen as a success, but primarily by executive or financial management only; and,

  • 18 percent where the 404 initiative is judged not a success.

Big Technology Changes Coming

  • 85 percent of those where tech support was seen as "satisfactory — with lots of room for improvement" in Year One;

  • 69 percent where technology was judged as having done a "great" or "effective" job supporting compliance in Year One; and,

  • 77 percent where technology was described as a problem area.

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