TippingPoint, netForensics Ally

Provide information management integration with high-speed intrusion prevention appliance

Austin, TX — January 9, 2004 — The netForensics information management software platform, which has been integrated with TippingPoint Technologies' UnityOne Intrusion Prevention Systems and Appliances, was successfully deployed at UCLA Medical Center in December, according to the two solution providers.

Doug Gisby, vice president of engineering at netForensics, said that security is a "highly visible IT and business issue." Until now, he explained, the return on investment of deploying point security products was difficult to nail down because the amount of non-actionable data generated was overwhelming for security staff. He said that his company and TippingPoint have addressed the issue by combining UnityOne blocking and netForensics real-time correlation and workflow management.

Gisby went on to say that the UnityOne intrusion prevention devices block attacks while netForensics correlates the UnityOne event data with data from other security devices and applications, thus analyzing and handling all possible scenarios presented to security operations in real-time.

"This automated teamwork allows organizations to reduce costs associated with remediation and downtime, as well as monitor and manage security for policy compliance," he said.