Skye Group Tames Fashion Business Vagaries

Scheduling gets more from less, quicker and more reliably, according to apparel manufacturer

Silicon Valley — January 15, 2004 — Skye Group of Australia, which designs, manufactures and distributes leading brands such as Pierre Cardin apparel, Tyr swimwear and Oshkosh B'Gosh children's wear, has implemented Realization Technologies' project management software to tame the uncertainties of the fashion business.

The TOC Centre of Australia, a partner of Realization, has implemented the software and the associated business processes.

"Realization's software not only makes the supply chain much more compact, it also ensures that it remains synchronized despite uncertainties," commented David Hodes, managing director of the TOC Centre of Australia.

The result, he explained, has been a due-date delivery of close to 100 percent, along with substantially reduced cycle times, which enables Skye to get in more ranges without increasing the cost of expensive designers.

"They are also enjoying the benefit of being closer to the rapidly changing market, enabling them to take advantage of sales opportunities while at the same time enjoying the reality of much lower obsolescence charges against unfashionable inventory," he said.

Sanjeev Gupta, Realization CEO, said, "Earlier generations of project management software are based on a 50-year-old critical path approach which fails because the critical path keeps changing due to uncertainties. The application of Critical Chain software to the design function of the apparel industry is a perfect fit when the demands are speed-to-market and reliability."