Squeezing Information from Business Systems at Welch's

Juice-maker implementing Cognos solution for business intelligence in corporate performance management initiative

Burlington, MA — January 20, 2004 — Welch's is looking to squeeze some juicy new information from its business systems by implementing a business intelligence solution from Cognos as part of a corporate performance management (CPM) initiative.

The world's top producer of juice, jam and jelly products made from Concord and Niagara grapes, Welch's is rolling out Cognos' ReportNet, Metrics Manager and Analytic applications to hundreds of employees across the company to better monitor, report and analyze business performance.

Cognos said its enterprise business intelligence (EBI) solution will help drive performance management initiatives throughout Welch's sales, marketing, finance, human resource and supply chain operations and will enable employees to align their daily activities with the strategic goals of the company.

Employees across all departments will have self-service access to Cognos' reporting and analytical capabilities with the goal of making better decisions and tracking performance.

"With Cognos, Welch's will gain increased visibility into all facets of our business through the new Cognos enterprise reporting and analytical software," said Girard Liberty, Welch's vice president and chief information officer.

Liberty said that the new Cognos products would be an integral part of the company's Oracle ERP II initiative, intended to provide a new level of enterprise reporting for Welch's.

"This all-in-one common reporting package will let us dive into the data or work from standardized executive reports, analyze what's behind the information and monitor trends through key performance indicators (KPIs)," Liberty said. "The new Cognos suite of software will help us ensure that we are operating most effectively, and that we are continuing to deliver high quality products to our consumers."