Casio Taps UPS to Streamline Delivery

Electronics company looks for speedier transit, reduced warehousing as it outsources Japan-U.S. movement of new projectors

Atlanta — January 28, 2004 — The U.S. subsidiary of Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer Casio Computer Co. has chosen UPS to streamline the delivery of its new projectors in the United States.

UPS will manage the movement of Casio's newly launched mobile high-luminosity data projectors direct from Tokyo, Japan, to more than 50 dealers and end-users throughout the United States via UPS World Ease, an international shipping option.

The benefits of the outsourcing deal for Casio, according to UPS, will include time-savings and reduced warehouse cost, combined with better service to Casio's customers.

"UPS's unique World Ease service helps us synchronize our Japan-U.S. supply chain," said John Clough, president of Casio Inc., the Japanese company's Dover, N.J.-based U.S. subsidiary "The combination of consolidated customs clearance with delivery to multiple destinations means we cut delivery time and save costs."

Utilizing its technology solutions, UPS enables Casio to combine pre-labeled multiple shipments into one consolidated shipment for easier processing and faster customs clearance. Once the shipment clears United States customs as a single unit, it is separated back into individual shipments for final destination delivery across the United States.

According to UPS, Casio's U.S. customers can now receive their projectors within 24 hours of pickup, while the electronics company is slashing costs by reducing the need for warehoused inventory.