Not Rain, Sleet, Snow or Ice&or Fulfillment&Will Stop Royal Mail

U.K.'s postal service to improve service levels, reduce operating costs within internal supply chain with new software

Berkshire, United Kingdom — March 4, 2004 — Fulfillment solutions provider Yantra Corp. today announced that the United Kingdom-based Royal Mail has purchased components of the Yantra 5x software suite to improve the operating efficiency of its internal distribution operations.

Royal Mail is implementing Yantra Distributed Order Management, Yantra Product Management and Yantra Supply Chain Event Management to streamline distribution of consumables, spare parts and other products to all Royal Mail sites and its network of approximately 16,500 Post Office branches. Fulfillment of similar products to Royal Mail customers will also be hosted on the system. The Yantra applications will replace the current mainframe-based order management application which was proving expensive to maintain and difficult to modify.

"We expect to realize cost savings to the business in the initial phase of circa $1 million per year and future savings are anticipated to be in excess of $2 million per year once the solution has been fully implemented," said John Szwec, Royal Mail's IT director for Logistics. "Yantra's flexibility enables us to manage orders in different ways and improve service levels for our end user community."

Yantra Distributed Order Management will coordinate order capture, enquiry, amendment and fulfillment using workflow-driven business processes. Yantra Supply Chain Event Management will be used by Royal Mail to identify and resolve any exceptions that arise during the fulfillment process. All orders will be tracked and synchronized in real time with notifications being sent to the appropriate customer services representative if an exception to the planned schedule occurs.

"We are delighted to have been selected by Royal Mail for this high-profile project," said David Stephenson, European managing director at Yantra. "Leading logistics companies like Royal Mail are recognizing the savings that can be made through efficient synchronization of their fulfillment operations."