Kangol Taps Freeborders for Product Lifecycle Efficiencies

Renowned hat, apparel manufacturer launches initiative to speed products to market

San Francisco — March 10, 2004 — Kangol Headwear Europe, a leading hat manufacturer, has launched an initiative to use product lifecycle management provider Freeborders' solutions to speed high-quality lifestyle products to market, make its supply chain more efficient and increase its competitiveness.

"The demand that Kangol receives for its head-to-toe lifestyle brand throughout Japan, Europe and the United States drives us to find ways to improve our processes for developing product," said Christopher Swan, global creative director of The Bollman Hat Co., licensee for Kangol Headwear, a brand that started in 1938.

Swan said Kangol will call upon Freeborders solutions and services to provide a platform from which to steadily increase the competitiveness of its product development by reducing lead times, increasing the accuracy of prototyping, and improving the quality of information flow and the ability to monitor and manage its entire process.

"Using Freeborders PLM solutions, we expect to achieve several objectives, including greater efficiencies in product development, reduced travel for our employees and a shorter supply chain," he said.

The system initially will be launched for the development of Bollman's Kangol product lines but the company will look to roll it out within the rest of the Bollman group as business development plans expand.