Avicon Debuts RFID Consulting Services

Consultancy aims to help companies leverage radio frequency identification technology to improve supply chain performance

Waltham, MA — March 17, 2004 — Supply chain consultancy Avicon has debuted two new service offerings, RFID Assessment Service and RFID Enablement Solution, focusing on helping organizations leverage radio frequency identification (RFID) to improve supply chain performance.

The company also announced it has become a subscriber of EPCglobal, the global standards organization that is leading the development of standards for the electronic product code (EPC) network to support the use of RFID.

"RFID is an opportunity for organizations to improve working capital performance and supply chain service levels," said Marc Linster, chief technology officer at Avicon. "Avicon has a deep understanding of the challenges of RFID technology and the expertise needed to enable RFID to improve supply chain performance. We provide organizations with architectural and program management leadership, combined with partner driven solution capabilities for successful RFID implementation."

Avicon's new RFID Assessment Service is intended to help clients understand the requirements imposed by the Department of Defense (DoD) and retailers and how the required investment in RFID technology can be leveraged to improve supply chain service levels, optimize cost, and reduce supply chain inventory.

The RFID Enablement Solution was designed to help clients identify and configure the supply chain building blocks needed to turn their RFID investment into a performance boost. The service helps clients align their information technology (IT) architecture, supply chain process flows and extended supply chain relationships with the needs and capabilities of RFID for increased supply chain performance.

Regarding EPCglobal, Linster said: "Avicon believes that the EPCglobal network will be a significant contributor to RFID enabled supply chain development. Thus, we have decided to become a subscriber of EPCglobal. Avicon will actively participate in EPCglobal's working groups to provide our clients with leading best practices for their RFID implementation projects and to make sure that their needs properly influence EPCglobal's standard setting processes."