Enigma Rolls Out New Version of Enigma 3C Platform

Latest release provides manufacturers with options for tailoring implementations to meet individual content delivery workflows, enterprise integration requirements

Burlington, MA — March 23, 2004 — Enigma Inc., a provider of aftermarket service and support technology, today announced the availability of the latest release of its 3C Platform. According to the company, Enigma 3C Version 8 Release 2 (V8R2) capitalizes on the J2EE architecture introduced in the original V8 Platform, further embracing the open standards and open source community and lowering the total cost of ownership for customers.

In addition, Enigma said its latest release provides customers with more options for tailoring implementations to meet individual content delivery workflows and/or enterprise integration requirements. One of the results, the provider said, is the faster delivery of specific parts and maintenance information to mechanics, technicians and field service engineers.

Designed for companies that manufacture, service and/or operate complex equipment that requires ongoing maintenance and repair, the Enigma 3C Platform offers a product encyclopedia of service information to workers around the world, combining parts and maintenance information from multiple data systems and delivering an up-to-date support resource for a specific product or an individual piece of equipment.

The Enigma 3C Platform also ties into diagnostics, inventory and parts ordering systems, streamlining both scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs, including troubleshooting, fault isolation and parts procurement, according to Enigma. Built-in collaboration functionality allows service organizations to capture the internal knowledge of their users by enabling them to add, update, and share best practices and product feedback right alongside the referenced content.

Enigma said that V8R2 also has new capabilities that accelerate deployments and streamline custom implementations. For instance, a new SDK within V8R2 helps system integrators and internal IT organizations build and deploy online and offline service and support applications, which can be updated with new content.

Enigma 3C V8R2 integrates with enterprise systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), product lifecycle management (PLM) and content management systems (CMS). As a result, customers in markets from aerospace to automotive, and from semicon to telecom can implement a solution that works with their existing enterprise applications to deliver maintenance and replacement parts information to the field.