A Pallet-able Solution to Sailing through Foreign Ports

Litco touts export wood packaging compliance for new line of presswood pallets

Vienna, OH — April 15, 2004 — Presswood products producer Litco International has debuted a new line of presswood pallets designed to meet international standards for export wood packaging and ensure that shipments flow smoothly through foreign ports.

The new Inca Gold Exporter line of pallets meets all requirements of the new International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM) 15 for export wood packaging, helping shippers avoid costly delays at foreign ports, according to Litco.

The company molds the pallets under high heat and pressure, eliminating the need for additional treatment against infestation, Litco said.

The company said that it makes the Inca presswood pallets from pre- and post-consumer wood waste, with no trees cut specifically for the pallet materials. For this reason, Inca also meets the environmental purchasing policies for federal, state and local governments, according to Litco.

Ray Harkleroad, transportation coordinator with Royal Caribbean Logistics Center, pointed to several advantages of using the pallets. "We purchase Inca pallets because they are destination compliant, recyclable, easy to stack, a near dead heat with standard pallets for cost, and a big, big savings over plastic and stainless steel pallets," he said.

Both Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises use the pallets, Harkleroad added.