eXegeSys Ports CMMS App to HP Integrity Servers

Touts success in moving computerized maintenance management system to Itanium-based machines running Linux

Salt Lake City, UT — April 16, 2004 — Technology company eXegeSys this week rolled out a version of its computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) solution for HP Integrity servers running Linux using Intel Itanium 2 processors.

eXegeSys says that its eXegeSys Asset Maintenance (eAM) solution provides the information and processes needed to manage the business asset environment, helping companies manage resources in manufacturing and other facilities, as well as decrease the cost of maintaining equipment.

The solution provider says eAM was built with eXegeSys' application development platform, eXsyst Anywhere, making the solution easy to port to the Intel Itanium 2-based platform without any code changes.

"The eAM porting effort for the Intel Itanium 2-based platform truly validates the power of eXsyst Anywhere," said Steven Quinn, chief technology officer at eXegeSys. "The fact that no code changes were necessary speaks volumes about the ability of eXsyst Anywhere to create truly adaptable business applications."

The provider says that because eAM is built using eXsyst Anywhere, it can be customized by end-user organizations without having to modify the original source code.
eXegeSys has had a close relationship with HP ever since two former Hewlett-Packard employees, Paul Dorius and Steve Quinn, founded the provider in 1994 to resell an enterprise resource planning solution originally developed by Hewlett-Packard. eXegeSys eventually purchased the software from HP in 1997 and is now the worldwide licensor of the product, which it renamed eXegeSys Resource Planning (eRP).