DaimlerChrysler Signs IT Agreement with EDS

Automaker outsources hardware operations and management of server-based software for Michigan facilities under multi-year deal

Detroit — May 5, 2004 — Automaker DaimlerChrysler has signed a multi-year information technology (IT) agreement with EDS, with the technology services firm set to oversee management of DaimlerChrysler's hardware operations and server-based software.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

Under the agreement, EDS will manage the migration of servers and services to a consolidated managed services environment for DaimlerChrysler's Michigan facilities.

"This partnership allows DaimlerChrysler to utilize EDS' resources and innovation to manage complexity," said Sue Unger, senior vice president and chief information officer with the auto manufacturer.

EDS pointed to its prior experience consolidating and migrating clients' IT environments into more standard, leveraged facilities. By consolidating applications and information onto fewer, more reliable servers, EDS said it achieves higher levels of server utilization, thus reducing total cost of ownership and improving service levels.

In addition to reducing the IT footprint, EDS said it works with its clients to standardize technology and service, thereby delivering a more secure, consistent, reliable environment.

EDS said it currently serves 21 of the top 25 Global 1000 automotive companies.