Partnering on Global e-Sourcing Suite

TradeStone allies with ILOG to add business logic application to sourcing app for international trade

Mountain View, CA — May 6, 2004 — Solution provider TradeStone Software is incorporating a business logic application from ILOG into its flagship e-sourcing suite to offer companies involved in global trade the ability to configure, maintain and change their business processes with increased agility in response to business growth and other dynamic business demands.

Gloucester, Mass.-based TradeStone offers e-sourcing software for international trade, promoting its Web services-based SteppingStones solution as providing businesses with the ability to deploy a scalable, global e-sourcing capability, either as a complete trade management supply chain package or layered into an existing application mix.

The provider will use ILOG's JRules solution as part of its SteppingStones offering. JRules allows the business logic that is embedded in business applications to be represented as rules that can be managed by business analysts, supply chain planners and other business users.

ILOG said that JRules, a component of the provider's Business Rule Management System (BRMS) product line, enables businesses to automate business policies, procedures and best practices, helping to improve resource management and accelerate investment in business process management.

As a component of SteppingStones, JRules will enhance supply chain usability for IT and business users, helping to ensure that SteppingStones is scalable to the needs of TradeStone's customers, according to ILOG.

"JRules' business rules management capability will help us provide customers with a tool set for developing and deploying a trade platform that meets the demands of the global sourcing market," said Sue Welch, president and CEO of TradeStone.