Data Synch App from QRS

Retail solutions specialist offers tool for retail supplier that need to syndicate item information to data pools for publishing to UCCnet services

Richmond, CA — May 12, 2004 — Retail solutions specialist QRS has rolled a new application designed for retail suppliers that need to syndicate their item information to data pools such as QRS Catalogue, which can then publish that data to UCCnet services.

QRS said that its new QuickSync solution will allow retail suppliers to collect, manage and publish item data quickly and easily.

QuickSync is part of QRS' data synchronization solution suite, which includes IMPACT and Catalogue. QRS said that QuickSync is pre-configured to meet the needs of retail suppliers and requires minimal upfront investment, and the solution offers an introduction to the benefits of the provider's high-end enterprise product information management solution, IMPACT.

Gold Toe Brands, a privately held hosiery brand manufacturer and QRS customer for 15 years, recently selected QuickSync to aggregate item information from multiple internal sources for syndication to QRS Catalogue.

"Our largest retail customers depend on QRS Catalogue to access the most up-to-date product information from their suppliers," said Val Zumbro, director of information technology at Gold Toe. "QRS QuickSync will allow us to consolidate item information from multiple sources into one centralized repository to ensure data accuracy and consistency before publishing to QRS Catalogue. Improving our trading partner relations and centralizing our product information is a foundational requirement for all of our future business initiatives and will enable us to drive successful global brand execution."

QRS said that QuickSync's features include a flexible data model, allowing product data to be organized according to business needs; data cleansing and normalization capabilities for improved data quality; product information in multiple formats, available to internal parties according to unique requirements; integration with existing internal systems and applications; and the option to syndicate to UCCnet services via QRS Catalogue Release 4.0.

"As suppliers race to comply with evolving retailer mandates and improve trading partner relations, they are looking for solutions that satisfy both their customers' immediate needs and their own long-term product information management needs," said Liz Fetter, QRS president and CEO. "QRS QuickSync is an easy and cost-effective data synchronization solution to seamlessly expand and accommodate ongoing retailer requirements and mandates."