Viewlocity Updates Supply Chain Execution Solution

Beefs up order and fulfillment process management, allows visualization of order status to determine impact of disruptions

Atlanta — June 29, 2004 — Supply chain solution provider Viewlocity has debuted the next generation of the company's flagship supply chain visibility and event management software, which adds beefed up features for order and fulfillment processes in extended enterprise environments.

With a focus on inter-enterprise business process management, the new Viewlocity software includes dynamic modeling and management for both order and fulfillment processes. Business users can now set up, monitor and manage both domestic and international order and fulfillment processes themselves, while accessing alerting and reporting capabilities that can help improve order and fulfillment metrics, according to the solution provider.

"The ability to visualize order status and fulfillment activities allows business users to quickly comprehend the impact of supply chain disruptions on delivery dates, costs and other dependent processes and activities," said Michael Sherman, the Viewlocity's chief technology officer and head of product development.

The release also debuts new administrative features for improved data management and more streamlined system operation. The new features are intended to save system owners costs while improving the application's usability.

Other new features include a graphical interface for process building and viewing, allowing visualization of order and fulfillment lifecycles, including milestones, durations and sequences, parties involved and exceptions.

Transportation network management features allow route and mode selection based on delivery and cost implications of decisions arising from supply chain exceptions, and the solution now gives users the ability to assign and manage the completion of tasks related to processes and events.

Viewlocity also pointed to improved data management and cleansing, as well as better system performance.

"These enhanced capabilities and streamlined system administration features will allow our customers to better monitor, manage and predict demand and fulfillment activities, while improving service levels and controlling costs," said Jeff Simpson, Viewlocity's CEO.