1st Silicon Selects Enterprise Global Planning System

Commitment to customer satisfaction drives adoption of new planning solutions

Los Angeles, CA — August 5, 2004 — Adexa Inc., a provider of integrated supply chain planning and performance management solutions, today announced that 1st Silicon (1Si), Malaysia's first 200 mm Silicon wafer foundry, is implementing its Factory Planning & Scheduling and ATP solutions. The two modules, according to Adexa, offer visibility from the execution side to the order and into the supply chain.

"1Si's slogan is 'Where every customer counts,'" said Dr. John Nelson, CEO of 1st Silicon. "Our goal is to provide business solutions that allow us to support our customers with speed, efficiency and accuracy. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in our choice of Adexa's solution to complement our foundry systems."

Cyrus Hadavi, Adexa's president and CEO, said that the company's Global Planning System, of which the Factor Planning & Scheduling and ATP are a part, is able to model large volumes of data, as well as provide visibility to an extended enterprise of stakeholders. "Being a partner in 1Si's commitment to forge stronger relationships with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders is a tremendous privilege for Adexa, since we too define our value in terms of the benefits we are able to deliver to customers."