Cargo Transport Executives: Industry's Homeland Security Performance Is Lacking

Research by Deloitte reveals poor industry self-assessment of security performance

Key Security Measures

  • Background checks of drivers and workers were viewed as the most important security measure. Yet only 14 percent of executives rated the industry's performance on background checks as excellent.

  • The air cargo (84 percent) and maritime (70 percent) sectors were viewed as the most vulnerable areas of the industry.

  • In-transit (55 percent) and dock operations (44 percent) were seen as posing the greatest risk in transportation of cargo.
Addressing the Challenge: Outsourcing

  • Almost 50 percent of the executives said that their firm was planning to seek assistance from outside service providers in the development of homeland security strategy.

  • Of the executives that said their firm was planning to outsource, nearly 50 percent said that it would be seeking assistance from third-party vendors in physical security and in training programs.

  • Surveillance/intelligence and security assessment were mentioned by approximately one-third of the executives at firms planning to outsource as areas where they would be using third-party vendors.

Future Outlook: Role of Technology

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