Portlets Web-enable Critical Processes at ThyssenKrupp Budd

Plumtree-based executive dashboard, CEO update solution and plant scheduling app saving time and money for tier-one auto supplier

  • An Executive Dashboard: The executive dashboard allows executives and management to review monthly financials from SAP, financial forecasts in Excel files from accounting, and sales updates from plant managers. As a result, plant managers are held more accountable when reporting their performance, and executives can make more informed decisions.

  • A CEO Weekly Update Application: The CEO Weekly Update Application formats and streamlines the preparation behind weekly plant performance reports from 30 manufacturing plants via a workflow process and several customized portlets. Each plant manager enters eight performance metrics into a customized portlet that generates a report for a department secretary to review. Department secretaries use another set of portlets to review the reports, choose the right headers, add necessary notes and finalize it before submitting the report to the executive secretary. The executive secretary then chooses the relevant line items within the separate reports and routes a final report to the CEO. ThyssenKrupp Budd's CEO views the final report through an Executive Report Viewer after the application alerts him via an automatic e-mail. The CEO Weekly Update Application has not only streamlined a previously cumbersome, paper-based process, but it now stores a record of historical production data, allowing executives to look back and compare past performance.

  • A Scheduling Application: Previously, each ThyssenKrupp Budd plant had a time sheet at the front desk that employees would sign every day. Now, a scheduling application automates this process by allowing employees to check in and out via the portal. A vacation scheduler portlet also allows employees to request time off, routing the request to managers and human relations. Managers have a color-coded dashboard view of their direct reports' vacation schedule. As a result, time sheets have been eliminated, streamlining paper-based processes and reducing HR processing time by several hours per week.