Thermal Solutions Leader Accelerates Product Design Time

Uses software from RuleStream to automate design process for items in product line

Wakefield, MA — September 10, 2004 — RuleStream Corp., a software company that automates the build-to-order process across engineering, manufacturing and sales, today announced that thermal solutions leader Lytron is using RuleStream to reduce product design time. Lytron designs and manufactures cooling products for a wide range markets including electronics, medical, industrial and military.

With its highly specialized products and heavy workloads, Lytron needed to automate the design process for certain items in their product line, including heat exchangers, cold plates and chillers. After extensive research, the company found that RuleStream's solution best suited their needs.

Using RuleStream's rule capturing environment, Lytron was able to bring the software into operation for one of its product lines within just a few weeks.

Lytron's new product drawings can now be created by simply entering certain parameters (e.g. size). These parameters are used to modify a predefined product template and automatically generate a new drawing of the new part. This saves times and reduces the potential for error.

"This software enables us to design products in a much more efficient manner," said Chuck Marshall, Lytron's CAD (computer-aided design) design manager. "We estimate that we can cut design time by 20 to 80 percent, depending on the product, so RuleStream should pay for itself in time savings alone in less than one year."