Ordering Up Integrated Data

Jennie-O Turkey Store streamlines its Corporate Information Factory for accurate view of operations, customers, suppliers

Westboro, MA — September 29, 2004 — Enterprise data integration provider Ascential Software Corp. today announced that Jennie-O Turkey Store, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hormel Foods Corp., is using the Ascential Enterprise Integration Suite to build a Corporate Information Factory. The Jennie-O Turkey Store said it will consolidate business data to gain a single, accurate view of operations, customers and its supply chain in the wake of a recent merger.

In 2001, parent company Hormel Foods united Jennie-O Foods with The Turkey Store Co. As a result of the merger, the new entity, Jennie-O Turkey Store, was faced with consolidating two sets of corporate data from sales, operations, supply chain and general ledger functions. Jennie-O Turkey Store tapped Ascential Software to build a Corporate Information Factory that eliminates data redundancies and inconsistencies created by maintaining these multiple applications.

"Jennie-O Turkey Store is very customer focused and service-oriented," said Peggy Hehr, senior data and integration analyst at Jennie-O Turkey Store. "It was important for us to have software that could get the job done, handling multiple data sources, including the Web, and to give our users the ability to drill down to see what calculations were performed on the data. We were impressed with the company's commitment to customer service that matches Jennie-O Turkey Store's philosophy."

As part of its Corporate Information Factory, Jennie-O Turkey Store said it is using the Ascential Enterprise Integration Suite to analyze legacy systems and profile source data; cleanse, match and de-duplicate incoming data from suppliers, customers and internal systems; and manage meta data across the enterprise.

In addition, Ascential Software's solutions provide scalability to manage the variety and velocity of new corporate data as Jennie-O Turkey Store continues to grow.

Mark Register, chief marketing officer and vice president, marketing, industry solutions and global alliances at Ascential Software, said that Jennie-O Turkey Store's Corporate Information Factory is a good example of how information technology systems should support and enhance the process of merging two companies. "The management team at Jennie-O Turkey Store had the foresight to systematically map out how they would integrate the two businesses, and the importance of data integration in that process. The end result is a quicker, smoother merger with a solid IT foundation that will continue to provide the basis for clear, informed decision-making as the new company grows."