Click Commerce Ships Business Suite 7.5

Latest release offers upgraded order management, returns, warranty functionality

  • Order Management: New quote-to-order and lead-to-order functionality were designed to improve order capture and lead conversion rates and allow companies to close more business and extend their reach. The pricing flexibility and configurable approval, shipping, and fulfillment options provide a distributed order management solution, Click said.

  • Funds Management: Newly integrated with Promotions and Campaigns, the Funds Management application helps companies calculate overall campaign and partner-specific return on investment (ROI) and account for payments made to partners for marketing activities, according to Click. With full support for marketing and co-op funds and configurable approval processes for different fund types, Funds Management was designed to provide flexibility in automating and documenting the distribution of marketing funds, the solution provider said.

  • Returns: With configurable business rules for approving and routing return requests based on product line and type or amount of return, Returns is intended to reduce the administrative effort and cycle time inherent in processing return requests. Integration with Warranty and Product Catalog means users can create return requests that are synchronized with order and invoice numbers, helping to reduce manual touch points and processing times and eliminate incomplete or unresolved returns.

  • Warranty: Integrated with Product Catalog and Returns, Warranty enables companies to create multiple warranty programs online and tie them to specific product lines, Click said. In addition to automating the process of warranty registration and claims, automated return material authorizations (RMAs) created during online claim submission provide bar-coded shipping documents for faster processing and accurate handling, according to the solution provider.

  • Workflow Engine Enhancements: Improvements to the Click Commerce workflow engine put more functionality into the hands of business users, the solution provider said. Multi-threaded workflow enhancements were designed to give companies greater flexibility in tailoring the solution to match their business processes, and the new delegated administration features are intended to ensure better management of tasks across complex business units and partner structures. New cycle-time reporting gives companies low-level visibility into their business and positions them to react quickly to process bottlenecks, Click said.