Aviall to Comply with DoD RFID Mandates

Aerospace parts provider to become one of a handful of DOD suppliers to integrate passive RFID technology into its supply chain

Milwaukee, WI — November 16, 2004 — Aviall Services Inc., which is the world's largest independent provider of new aerospace parts and related aftermarket services, is implementing Catalyst International's CatalystCommand iRFID solution to ensure its compliance with the Department of Defense's (DoD) mandated radio frequency identification (RFID) requirements.

CatalystCommand iRFID is a technology for integrating passive RFID technology into the supply chain environment. Aviall will be among the first wave of DoD suppliers to adopt RFID and meet the compliance deadline of January 2005.

Catalyst has been our partner for our warehouse management system (WMS) because of its proven expertise in supply chain technology, said Charley Kienzle, senior vice president of Operations for Aviall. Timing is critical for us, and Catalyst was a logical RFID choice because of its project management ability and track record of delivering scalable RFID solutions in very short timeframes.

The Catalyst solution is being implemented at Aviall's 220,000-square-foot warehouse in Dallas, Texas. According to Catalyst, it is designed to be a long-term solution that enables Aviall to integrate RFID data with multiple systems beyond the WMS.

Aviall has been a valued customer for nearly a decade, and we appreciate its continued reliance on Catalyst for innovative supply chain solutions such as RFID, said Jim Treleaven, Catalyst president and CEO. Our collaborative partnership will ensure that Aviall not only meets its short-term compliancy requirements but also has the foundation to achieve positive ROI on its future supply chain execution investments.