Optimizing Point-of-production Decisions at ICI Paints

Paint manufacturer, distributor to use LogicTools's solution for production sourcing

Chicago — October 2, 2003 — ICI Paints, a manufacturer and distributor of well-known paint brands, has selected LogicTools' supply chain coordination and planning solution, LogicChain to optimize and analyze its production sourcing decisions.

LogicChain stated it would enable ICI Paints to make point-of-production decisions based on key drivers and the impact on the entire supply chain. ICI Paints can then analyze various strategies and quantify the results in order to provide better service to customers.

The provider said its solution has features that are suited toward process industries such as paint and chemical companies, in particular the ability to model tank production.

"We believe that production sourcing decisions should be made by looking at all the key drivers of the cost and not only at local production cost," commented Douglas Edwards, director of Materials & Supply Chain Planning at ICI Paints. "LogicChain provides the missing link between detailed production decisions and the impact of demand forecasts on the supply chain. We selected LogicTools because according to our analysis of the market it is the 'best of breed' in supply chain optimization."