SAS Debuts Process Intelligence App

Analytics solution intended to provide enterprise view of manufacturing process to help boost quality and yield for manufacturers

  • An Information Store is intended to provide a unified view of process, product and equipment data. An integrated data environment manages relevant data associated with the manufacturing process. This real-time view was designed to replace disparate spreadsheets and proprietary tools that carry their own assumptions and criteria.

  • The Navigator provides an interface that serves as the intermediary between end-users and the Information Store, brokering queries and responses. By eliminating their need to manipulate data, SAS says that customers can instead focus on retrieving information to address business needs.

  • The Discoverer is a Web-accessible interface that allows regional or global organizations to analyze historical data. It provides methods to identify and quantify root causes of production problems to reveal deeper understandings so that corrective monitoring, control and improvement actions can be taken, according to SAS.

  • The Agent operates as an early-warning system by scanning time-based data with the goal of identifying potential issues before they affect quality. The Agent publishes alerts that can be shared with other plants and colleagues who may face the same issues.

  • A Collaborative Space provides a forum in which organizations can share lessons learned. Analyses and reports generated by the Agent and Discoverer modules are published to this repository, allowing best practices to be shared throughout the organization.