The Scholarly Approach

SchoolNet, eScholar partner to deliver data warehousing, instructional management solutions for K-12 schools

New York — December 16, 2004 — SchoolNet Inc. and eScholar LLC announced today that they have initiated a partnership to provide Instructional Management and Enterprise Data Warehousing Solutions, respectively, for K-12 school districts across the country.

SchoolNet provides Instructional Management Solutions for top K-12 school districts, now reaching over a million students. eScholar said it was the first company to develop a data warehouse designed specifically to meet the needs of K-12 education and now serves over 1,200 districts nationwide.

The SchoolNet Enterprise Data Warehouse, powered by eScholar, is an enterprise data warehouse covering finances, transportation, food services, library, student and human resource data that will enable district leaders and educators to analyze, report and act based on real-time and longitudinal data.

SchoolNet and eScholar currently share numerous clients, including the school districts of Pittsburgh, Pa.; Plainfield, N.J.; and Red Clay, De.

"As our customers address the demands of more accountability with less funding, they are recognizing the need for enterprise-level data management tools," said Jonathan Harber, CEO and president of SchoolNet. "By creating the SchoolNet Enterprise Data Warehouse, powered by eScholar, SchoolNet is providing an analytic and operational backbone to support high-performing institutions."

"We strive to put the wide variety of disparate data collected by school districts to work by cleansing and integrating the data and placing it at the fingertips of decisionmakers," said Shawn Bay, CEO of eScholar. "In partnering with SchoolNet, we will provide our current and perspective school districts with an Instructional Management solution to achieve that goal."