Franks Nursery Expands e-Commerce Services

Retailer extends new services to existing suppliers while providing hosted transaction services to new vendors

St. Paul, MN — November 4, 2003 — Franks Nursery & Crafts Inc. has expanded its e-commerce initiatives through SPS' hosted services for its supplier base.

Franks will now offer new transaction models for drop ship and ship-to-store capabilities for existing vendors. New suppliers to Franks are also being provided with SPS' Vendor Enablement Program, which streamlines supply chain performance with vendors via a hosted service to electronically exchange purchase order and invoice data.

Founded in 1949, Franks Nursery is a leading specialty retailer of lawn and garden products in the United States, operating 170 stores in 14 states. The Company has an existing internal electronic data interchange (EDI) system in place and initially contracted with SPS Commerce in November 2000 to optimize its supply chain with an expanded EDI program.

Building on that relationship, Franks said it now looks to offer its existing supplier base with new transaction sets that further extends the efficiencies and cost-effectiveness of hosted supply chain services while offering those benefits to new suppliers as well.

"SPS Commerce has become a valued partner, assisting us in expanding the value proposition of our e-business initiatives," said Bruce Dale, CEO for Franks Nursery. "As we continue to grow and change our business, the breadth and depth of SPS' services make expansion into other areas of e-commerce immediate and profitable for both Franks and our suppliers."