B2eMarkets Releases SupplyManagement XE

Software enables companies to analyze spend within the context of a closed-loop supply management process, according to provider

Rockville, MD — November 6, 2003 — B2eMarkets, Inc., a provider of closed-loop supply management solutions, this week announced the availability of B2eMarkets' SupplyManagement XE (eXtended Enterprise).

The company said SupplyManagement XE institutionalizes in-house sourcing expertise and contract management knowledge across the entire supply management life cycle. It provides the framework and software to capture sourcing knowledge into a defined strategy, execute on that strategy, and measure ongoing performance and compliance through defined key performance indicators.

B2eMarkets said the software enables companies to view and analyze all sources of spend within the context of a closed-loop supply management process. ProgramManager XE guides users-step-by-step-through company and commodity-specific processes, documentation templates and decision-making; NegotiationManager XE creates, collaborates, publishes, negotiates and analyzes RFxs/Auctions; ContractManager XE handles the contract management process; and PerformanceManager XE gains visibility into compliance and performance data for the entire supply base.

The provider also said that all modules of SupplyManagement XE work together to provide a single system of record for processes and events. The system builds an audit trail from strategy formulation to sourcing events and contract negotiations to total cost of ownership (TCO) compliance and supplier performance. For example, companies can pull data from a sourcing event directly into a contract and then convert the contract terms and conditions into structured data to more effectively analyze spend. KPIs for price, supplier performance and compliance defined in strategy formulation are measured against actuals in supplier scorecards after the bid has been awarded.

Based on business priorities, B2eMarkets said customers could elect to implement each module separately or together as an end-to-end solution. Additionally, with its Java-based architecture, SupplyManagement XE is designed to integrate with other enterprise applications, according to the provider.

Orville Bailey, president and CEO of B2eMarkets, said, "Companies are realizing that they must go beyond e-RFx to address the entire supply management life cycle. We've received good feedback regarding SupplyManagement XE and will to continue to invest heavily in our products."