PeopleSoft Debuts Supply Chain Management 8.8

Adds features intended to enable manufacturers to increase the speed and agility of production

  • PeopleSoft Enterprise Manufacturing:

    • Real-Time Analytics: A new Manufacturing Scorecard delivers production information directly to a manager's desktop, providing real-time analysis of throughput, inventory, quality and actual manufacturing costs.

    • Serial Genealogy: Tracks specific component parts within finished goods to enable identification of products that may include a flawed set of parts.

    • Yield-by-Operation: Intended to improve production planning by accounting for materials lost during each stage of the manufacturing process.

  • PeopleSoft Enterprise Customer Order Management

    • Improved Promotion Flexibility: Designed to help managers more quickly and efficiently manage trade promotions and measure success across specific channels.

    • Self-Service Pricing: Managers can adjust pricing for products to reflect changes in demand or shifts in marketing strategies.

    • Cross-docking: This functionality matches received goods with outgoing orders, enabling orders to be fulfilled immediately without incurring stocking costs, according to PeopleSoft.