Adexa Offers "Missing Link"

Says new business app ties financials to demand and operations planning

Los Angeles — November 12, 2003 — Adexa Inc. a provider of integrated supply chain and performance management solutions, announced the Beta release of Collaborative Operations Planning (COP), a new business application in the company's Enterprise Global Planning System (eGPS) solution-set.

Adexa said COP considers all costs required for planning, along with material and capacity constraints, to identify the most profitable plans and schedules to meet demand.

"Adexa COP provides the missing intelligent link between financially driven operations planning and demand planning, within the same system," claimed Cyrus Hadavi, Adexa's president and CEO. "COP makes sure financial targets are considered during every phase of the planning process to drive higher returns."

The cost of doing business varies from order to order; each transaction can have higher or lower material costs, manufacturing costs, subcontracting costs and a litany of other factors that impact its profitability. Adexa said COP measures the profitability of every step in the manufacturing process to develop an operations plan that is optimized to provide the highest returns.