Guest Column: Recovering from Recessionism Requires a Passion to Lead

May 1, 2009 — The current U.S. recession has been broader and deeper than most economists had projected. In its early stages, the impact on many industries was minimal. However, as the recession deepened, few companies have escaped its impact. News stories with headlines ranging from "Company Faces Complex Task to Remake Itself" to "Economic Recession Spreads the Pain across the Region" are prevalent. The challenge ahead is indeed daunting and scary.

Amidst these front-page headlines, one story isn't being told — how difficult it is for business leaders in this downturn. As an executive coach, I see the collateral damage from this recession among the leadership ranks. I've seen leaders emotionally drained following a layoff or downsizing. I've listened to stories about sleepless nights and lost weekends. I can appreciate the hopeless thoughts many leaders are experiencing. I identify with them, because I was once there myself.