Recovery in Parcel and Freight Markets, or a False Dawn?

London — August 26 2009 — Positive economic indicators coming out of Europe, Asia and the U.S. over the last 10 days give reason to forecast a recovery in the global logistics and express industry, but a rebound in global freight and parcel volumes and revenues will only come with major improvements in consumer confidence, industrial output and subsequent international trade volumes, according to new research by market analyst Datamonitor.

Major Economies Rebounding

German exports, which have traditionally driven the country's economic growth, surged by 7 percent in June compared to the previous month, representing the fastest such growth in almost three years. Imports were also up by 7 percent month on month. As a result, the German economy has now exited the recession, recording 0.3 percent overall growth between April and June. With France matching this performance, Europe's two largest economies have rebounded from a 12-month period of recession.