Overcoming the Three Pitfalls of Multisourcing

Egham, UK — September 3, 2009 — Organizations are at risk of three major pitfalls as they strive to achieve an efficient and effective "multisourcing" environment as part of their outsourcing efforts, and CIOs and sourcing managers need to develop specific competencies to master multisourcing, according to a new report from research firm Gartner.

Multisourcing, according to Wikipedia, "is the disciplined provisioning and blending of business and information technology services from the optimal set of internal and external providers in the pursuit of business goals. It is also defined as a strategy that treats a given function, such as IT, as a portfolio of activities, some of which should be outsourced and others of which should be performed by internal staff." Wikipedia credits Gartner with coming up with the term "multisourcing" in 2005.