Consumers Seen Benefiting Most from Retailers' Embrace of Mobility Devices

Arlington, VA — September 11, 2009 — Leading retailers have excelled in significantly improving the customer experience and streamlining their warehouse operations and inventory processes through the use of mobility devices, according to a new report from Aberdeen Group and the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA).

Mobility devices are defined in the report as wireless handheld devices or handheld computers for enabling customer service, personalized shopping, retail payments at the point-of-sale, real-time data and statistics in the field, and other inventory management processes, including those with distribution centers.

According to the survey 73 percent of leading retailers indicated that they had a mobility initiative in place for more than a year, allowing them to offer a stronger brand promise, a more valuable customer experience through improved focus on assisted-and-self-service, and a nimble workforce with better workflow processes in the store, warehouse and supply chain operations.

RILA Executive Vice President for Retail Operations Casey Chroust
Casey Chroust
Executive Vice President, Retail Operations