Finding a New Way to Meet: 10 Pitfalls of Pitiful Meetings ... and How to Fix Them - Part I

Hoboken, NJ — October 2, 2009 — It's Friday afternoon, and your team is filing into the conference room, mumbling and grumbling as they take their seats for yet another meeting. An hour passes and the meeting comes to a much-anticipated end, leaving everyone involved wondering why the meeting was held in the first place. After all, the usual suspects dominated the discussion, and the same ideas that came up in last week's meeting were once again batted around. No one seemed to write anything down, and no one agreed to put anything discussed into action.

If this kind of ineffective meeting sounds familiar, you're not alone, says Kimberly Douglas. It's a problem that plagues many organizations — but it's also one, she adds, that can be remedied.