Weak Rebound in U.S., Reacceleration in China Point to World Recovery

Arlington, VA — November 2, 2009 — Recent data paint an unmistakable picture that a global economic recovery is in progress, but the rebound could be unusually sluggish and disproportionately catalyzed by a number of select emerging market nations, notably China, India and Brazil, which were less affected than the industrialized countries by the global financial crisis, according to a new report from the Manufacturers Alliance/MAPI.

In the alliance's "Quarterly Forecast of U.S. Exports, Global Growth, and the Dollar: Fourth Quarter 2009 Through Fourth Quarter 2011," economist Cliff Waldmanwrites that "signs of normalization continue to appear in the financial and economic environments," and that the foundations for a renewed period of global growth are increasingly evident as the world pivots from crisis to at least some semblance of stability.