So You Say You Want a Resolution? Five Leadership Tactics to Make 2010 a Pivotal Business Year

Gulf Breeze, FL — January 6, 2010 — No doubt about it: 2009 has definitely been a tough year. You need to turn things around, and that means making some big changes in the very near future. Problem is, you're not sure what they are. A new improvement initiative? A hot new product? A new executive team? Quint Studer has a suggestion: Make 2010 the year you focus on leadership. Not leaders, mind you — leadership.

"Solid business results that stand the test of time do so for one reason and one reason only: consistently excellent leadership," insists Studer, author of the new book Straight A Leadership: Alignment, Action, Accountability (Fire Starter Publishing, 2009). "Products and services change with the demands of the market. Individual leaders come and go. The key is to create an organizational culture that ensures great leadership today and tomorrow."