Feeling Like Your Workload Has Increased Lately? You're Not Alone

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Right Management Manpower


  • Employees at large organizations feel the heat more, with 68 percent saying their workloads have increased "a lot," compared to only 33 percent at small organizations.
  • Younger workers are experiencing increased workloads the most, with 60 percent of workers 25-34 reporting their workloads have increased "a lot" followed by 59 percent of those 18-24.
  • Twenty-one percent of men believe their workloads "were about the same," compared to only 14 percent of women.

  • Prioritize projects and tasks in alignment with your manager's priorities.
  • Clarify new expectations and your specific role in the organization's success.
  • Develop new skills and capabilities.
  • Keep focused on business impact, evaluating all new responsibilities in the context of whether or not they will positively impact the business in the desired timeframe.