Guest Column: Leadership Characteristics - A Shift in Requirements?

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The Leadership Challenge

Capitalizing on Complexity - Insights from the Global Chief Executive Officer Study

The Rise of Creativity

A New Set of Capabilities

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  • See people at their best.
  • Listen extraordinarily carefully to hear what team members love to do.
  • Challenge people to work outside of their expertise.
  • Stop being and thinking you are the smartest, most talented person on the team.
  • Find ways to reorganize and utilize individual talents.
  • Find out what team members excel at when not at work.
  • Encourage people to bring their best game to the team's work.

Creative Tension

  • Changing everyone's role.
  • Rewarding wild ideas.
  • Making bold public promises on behalf of the team.
  • Introducing disruptive elements.
  • Confronting team members with their highest aspirations.
  • Bringing in customers for a day.

Serious Play

  • Stimulus — Bring stimulating venues, objects, processes, etc., into the team environment to help team members tap into the human brain's natural ability to make associations, connections and intuitive leaps.
  • Prototyping — Keep ideas alive and in the organization's consciousness by constantly creating working models, images, illustrations, etc.
  • Selling — Bring seriousness to an innovation by selling it to organizational constituents.

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